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From the Pastor

from The Carillon

I read an excerpt from Tolkien’s “The Fellowship of the Ring.”  In this section they are looking for someone to return the ring to its origin and destroy it. 


“No one answered.  The noon-bell rang.  Still no one spoke.  Frodo glanced at all the faces, but they were not turned to him.  All the Council sat with downcast eyes, as if in deep thought.  A great dread fell on him, as if he was awaiting the pronouncement of some doom that he had long foreseen and vainly hoped might after all never be spoken.  …At last with an effort he spoke, and wondered to hear his own words, as if some other will was using his small voice.  ‘I will take the Ring,’ he said, ‘though I do not know the way.’”


Frequently there is an opportunity before us that will improve our lives, yet we wait for someone who knows the way?  Based in our fear of the unknown we harbor and defend a wish that the current way of doing life can be kept as it is.


Moving into a thriving future spiritually as well as economically requires that you first step into the adventure.  God is a force, that when you trust him, leads you on a path for abundant living.  The guide who already knows the way is Jesus.  You must step out with him for abundant and fruitful living that is in harmony with God’s vision.


Rick Taylor, Lead Pastor